Locking Up

Although we are a moving service company and that is basically all that we do, we also have a unique add on to the company that has become really popular over the years. Sometimes it can be tough for people to bring everything with them right away on the move. That’s why we have a temporary storage program. Basically, if you want to keep something and come back for it after you are all settled in, then this program is perfect for you. You can leave whatever with us and we have tons of huge units that can hold all of your stuff. Regardless of what you want to keep, we’ve got you covered. At our offices at Moving Livermore Local, we bought and developed tons of huge units that can hold tons of stuff. There is no reason that you need to sell anything when you move, we have tons of storage for all of the stuff that you may want to keep.


Our storage program was brought up by a customer and we loved it. Our company met together and we decided to buy some stuff and begin offering it to our customers. It was an instant hit, and although it is the newest service at our company, it’s already one of the most popular. If you’d like to come and see the units before you hire us, feel free to stop by at anytime. We can offer tours whenever you want and it should help you to trust our company alittle more. We want your move to be the easiest thing ever and we don’t want you to lose anything because of it. If it doesn’t fit on the move the first time, hire us and use our storage system. It is really going to help you out so you don’t have to sell anything.